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AMT Driver

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AMT driver


Introduce a new driver pxe_amt to extend Ironic's range to desktop. AMT/vPro is widely used in desktop to remotely control the power, similar like IPMI in server. It will use amt as power management and pxe as deploy management.


As AMT is no longer support SOAP(amttool) since the latest version 9.0. So use WS-MAN protocol to interactive with AMT client. This works on AMT 7.0/8.0/9.0. AMT 7.0 is released on 2010, so most PCs with vPro should be involved.

It is depend on the openwsman library>=2.4.10

You can build by yourself from:


You can get the rpm package for fedora 20 from


Simple instructions

1. AMT Client Choose a Desktop with vPro tag(within Intel's tag, next to CORE i5/7): Press Ctrl+P during booting to enter MEBx management.

Reset password:

   Default one is admin
   New password can be Cloud12345^

Go to Intel AMT Configuration:

   Enable all features under SOL/IDER/KVM section
   Select User Consent and choose None(No password need)
   Select Network Setup section
           Set IP address, static or dynamic
   Activate Network Access

MEBx Exit Restart and enable PXE boot in bios

2. Ironic Server For Ironic server on Fedora 20:

Disable SELINUX to support tftp:

setenforce 0

Apply this patch on Ironic.

Install openwsman, openwsman-python

Run “Python setup.py egg_info” under ironic folder.

Add pxe_amt into /etc/ironic/ironic.conf as enabled_drivers

Restart ironic-conductor service

Add a new node with pxe_amt as driver.

Add amt_password/amt_address/amt_username into driver_info

Boot an instance.