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2010 CommunityData

Two files are available containing the raw data:

Data being tracked:

  • Twitter
    • #openstack Tweets and Re-tweets
    • openstack Tweets
  • Bugs
    • New, Open, In-Process, Critical, High Importance, Patched
  • Blueprint
    • Total, Essential, High, Medium, Low, Undefined
  • Website (Openstack.org)
    • Visits, Pageviews, New Visits %
    • #1 Page, #2 Page, #3 Page, #4 Page, #5 Page (% total hits)
  • Mailing Lists (openstack-lists.org) [Membership Numbers]
    • Announce, AdvisoryBoard, Operators, Partner, Event, Puppet, Chef, Marketing
  • Social Networks [Membership Numbers[
    • Facebook Openstack, LinkedIn Openstack, Ohloh.net Swift, Ohloh.net NOVA


Tracked data is graphed over time to show trends, etc. For those of you with Excel access, the Data Tracking file in Excel contains all the graphs. For those of you using OpenOffice, please review the pdf file below showing the latest graphs.